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Our vendors are willing to give out their products for free to build awareness for their brand. For this to be sustainable, we require the consumer (you) to cover your own shipping cost. Otherwise, these vendors will have a very hard time keeping this going if they have to lose money on shipping as well.

Nope. These products all come from different vendors. You have to click through the link we provided and get it from there individually.

The reason why our vendors are willing to give out their best products for free is because they want to get them into your hands for the FIRST time. Any smart brand understands that getting people to use you for the FIRST time is the hardest and that’s why they want to reduce the friction by giving it to you for free. They are basically putting their own money on the line to “buy” your trust in their products. They know that with a quality product that solves a problem, some of you will turn out to be loyal customers and that makes it worthwhile for them 🙂

We screen to the best of our ability. While we cannot guarantee and vouch individually for every vendor (that would be physically impossible), what we can say is we only work with reputable brands with a proven track record of delivery. Also, all our offers – we require them to come with a moneyback guarantee in case anything goes wrong. That way, you are always protected.

That covers your risk. We understand that making an online purchase (even just paying for shipping) is a risk to you and we want to cover that fully. That’s why we insisit every brand we work with to have a moneyback guarantee. In case anything goes wrong with the delivery, you get your money back.

Nope. We cannot mandate these vendors to keep the offers here as some of them, they are losing money in the short-term to gain brand awareness. That’s why, if you see something you like, get it now – don’t wait!

Just start browsing and see which item you like. Once you see it, there will always be a button that links you to our vendor page!

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