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Today’s Review – Execution Torch From Patriot Wholesale Club

What are we reviewing today?


Hello, hello!

Here we are with yet another product from Patriot Wholesale Club- the Execution Torch.

What exactly is this product for? Should you own one?

Let’s all find out and read what our expert has to say!

What is this used for?

Execution torch are practically the same as stun guns. What makes execution torch unique though is that it can also be used as a flashlight.  This isn’t just a normal flashlight because its purpose is to scare off or fight any attacker you might encounter.

This world has grown more and more dangerous for the members of the public and it’s just right to invest on something that you could use for your protection.


Who will need this?

Typically, protection devices or tools should be owned by anyone. This execution torch is not an exception as powerful device like this is needed in a dangerous world, we are currently living in.

We don’t always know what’s going on with people’s minds, you could be facing threats almost every day and it is always best to be prepared in case bad things happen.

However, if you’re someone who is more exposed with a savage environment, then owning an execution torch should be a top priority for you.

For example, if you are someone working with the justice system who puts criminals at their right place then you are more open to harm. You will do well if you own a protection device like this one.

But here at DIY Hub, we always care for everyone’s safety so we highly recommend that everyone get this product.

This device always comes handy not just for yourself but for your loved ones or the people around you. We should start looking out for each other in this rapidly increasing dangerous world.


What we like best about this item...

As always, we are a fan of multifunctional products and this execution torch makes a good addition to all the products we have reviewed that serves not just one purpose.

This execution torch also known as a stun gun features 4.8-million-volt, super bright LED flashlight, built in rechargeable battery and it comes with a free holster!

We have used heavy flashlights but this one only weighs 5 ounces so it is so easy to carry around. It is a compact device with durable design. Because it is lightweight, this is perfectly safe to bring with you every day.

Now, here comes the tricky part. This execution torch looks like a flashlight physically but what people don’t know is that, inside, the stun gun is hidden. That is one advantage you have from any attacker because they are not aware of that.

You just place this device to an attacker’s chest and its 4.8 million volts will work its way to the attacker’s body and paralyze it. We hope that you don’t actually have to use it though but it’s better safe than sorry.

This product might sound a bit terrifying to use but what’s good about it is that it comes with a safety feature. You only need to switch off the safety button in case you actually need to use the stun gun feature.

Otherwise, you may use this as a regular flashlight. It has 3 light settings: high, low and emergency strobe.

This product gets better because it is also water resistant.

Is this worth getting?

We will never get tired of saying that if a product’s purpose is to protect and keep you safe then it is totally worth it.

Patriot Wholesale Club listed this item for FREE on their website at a limited time. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and handling fee.

If you’re keen on this product and wants to check it out, click here.

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Till then, stay safe,

Samuel, Chief Editor – DIY Hub Reviews

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