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Today’s Product  – Fanny-Pack Holster From Tactical USA

What are we reviewing today?

Welcome back readers!

Today, we are reviewing another product from Tactical USA- the Fanny Pack Holster. If you have read our review for their Drop-Leg Holster and the product doesn’t fit you, then read this one and it might just be the right product for you!

But first, let us read what our expert has to say!

What is this used for?

A fanny-pack holster is basically a belt bag. This type of bags is wrapped around your waist or hips just like how you do with belts. You might find this more convenient than the drop-leg holster if you don’t want to bend over to pick up your gun.

The fanny-pack holster from Tactical USA is specially made for American patriots. It almost has the same functionality as the drop-leg holster except this one is catered for smaller guns.

Who will need this?

Just like the drop-leg holster, anyone who is a gun owner can have this product. It is most useful to people who are part of the army or the police workforce or if you are a part of the navy.

If you’re someone who likes to be discreet about a weapon you are carrying then this pack is perfect for you.

Comparing with their drop-leg holster, this pack has more room for your other belongings so if you prefer to bring other personal belongings then this is the better fit for you.

What we like best about this item...

We like this item because of its concealed carry design. That feature works well if you don’t want to flash around that you have a gun with you.

This item also has front Molle webbing pocket to keep bullets, magazines or even your car keys and smartphone. 

It also is a very dimensional holster as it has 4 elastic bands for tactical knifes, flashlight and other things. It also has a back zipper for cash and other miscellaneous things.

Just like other Tactical USA products, this one is well-crafted with best materials to ensure quality and durability. It has a strong and sturdy look and feel.

This item is comfortable, functional and very neat looking.

However, this fanny pack can only fit with compact and small-sized guns.

Whilst this item is basically a belt bag, it can also be worn around your chest, whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Is this worth getting?

If you own compact and small sized guns which you need to carry on a daily basis, then this item is definitely worth getting. You will feel more comfortable if you secure and properly keep your gun especially when at a public place. It will also make other people feel more comfortable around you.

No one will suspect that you have a gun with you, thanks to its concealed carry design.  If you prefer discretion and comfort at the same time, then this is the right holster for you.

However, if you own bigger guns and rifles then you should opt for the drop-leg holster instead.

This item is listed as FREE at Tactical USA’s website. The only fee you need to pay is for the shipping and handling. If you ask us, that’s already a great offer.

You might be wondering why they’re giving it away for free, the main reason is they are a family-owned business and it’s their way of growing their community and putting their business out to the public.

If you’re keen on this product and want to know more about its features, click here.

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