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Today’s Review – SOS Self Defense Tools USA Stiletto

What are we reviewing today?

Welcome back to another review! 

Today we will have a look at a tool you can add to your everyday carry: the SOS Self Defense Tools USA Stiletto. It is a custom USA flag design pocket knife that’s great for anyone who wants to have a practical tool on their person all the time.

What is this used for?

A stiletto is mainly used for self defense. It has a slim feature which makes it easy to conceal so that you don’t go scaring people around you. Since it also has quick deployment, you can negate any threat as fast.

As a knife, it can be used for what it is intended for. It can cut boxes, open letters, slice food, and the basics. Since it has a 4-inch blade, it can do most tasks easily without you needing more. The knife comes out of the box razor sharp so you don’t have to sharpen it before using. 

The handle is about 5 inches which makes it accessible to most hand sizes. It is neither too big nor too small. The scales are also contoured so there are no hot spots on the hand making it comfortable to use in any situation.

Who will need this?

Anyone who may need a knife for their job will appreciate having a quick-deploy cutting tool in their pocket. Anyone working in delivery service, in security, or in grocery will find use for this product.

Enthusiasts will also find this to be a great addition to their collection. The design of this knife will make the patriot inside of them be more proud of being an American.

People in the military and those who want to equip themselves with a lightweight and fast-action knife will find this to be a good option.

What we like best about this item...

The first thing that stands out in this knife is the knife handle design. It has a flag of the USA design which will reveal how much the owner loves their country. It also has a comfortable handle as it is contoured to reduce the edges which can otherwise hurt your hand when using the knife.

It is very lightweight which means this will virtually disappear in your pocket. It won’t bother you when you don’t need it and it will be there if you have some tasks to do with it.

The length is great because it can adapt to most situations. If you need to open a letter or cut some boxes, the razor sharp edge can easily help with these things.

It’s blade is made from stainless steel so you don’t need to worry about it if you forget to wipe it after using it on fruits or anything you had to cut. It is also fairly easy to clean. Just wash it with warm water or just wipe with a clean cloth and it’s ready to ride on your pocket again.

It also has a pocket clip so that it won’t move around in your pocket as well as not fall off all of a sudden.

Is this worth getting?

Is this worth getting?

A knife is probably the most useful tool you can have in your EDC bag. It can do a lot for you and even provide you with self-defense if it comes to it.

This knife is easy to carry, sharp, and lightweight which is why you don’t have to be bothered whenever you are carrying it. Suffice to say that this knife is something that will enhance your daily life and for that is worth getting.

That’s our quick review of this little knife. Have a read of our other reviews on our website.

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Until then, stay safe!


Stay safe,

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