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Is This “Free” Sports Camera From Tactical USA… Any Good?

What are we reviewing today?

Welcome back!

Today, we are reviewing this Sports Camera by Hunting USA (Also known as Tactical USA)…

This camera usually retails at $69 but Tactical USA Is giving them out for free and you just have to cover the shipping fee.

But before that, let’s take a look at what our experts have to say about this camera… and whether it is truly a gift worth claiming.


What is this used for?

Think of what you would use a “Go-Pro” for…

That’s about right. That’s what you would use this for!

This camera can capture almost any moment, whether you’re underwater, on a mountain, hanging by a cliff (we hope not)… but you get the idea! 

Moving or still, this camera has the ability to capture the best quality photos in 1080 HD… and can record as deep as 98 feet underwater!

Of course, this is not going to be as good as a go-pro, but it’s definitely good enough for most people just looking to capture their memories under water, or on the move.

Who will need this?

Anyone who is a fan of outdoors, high-moving activities, underwater activities will love this… 

Basically, anyone who loves a go-pro would love this!

Whether you’re a single, couple, or a family – this little camera will do exactly like it promises – capture the best memories for you and your loved ones when you’re being active!

What we like best about this item...

This thing records deep.

More than 90 feet under water, tested and proven.

And let’s be honest… for most divers/swimmers, you’re not going to go that deep so this more than covers it. Also, with its battery life, it can record over 90 minutes so that’s pretty cool….

And really, if you look at the specifications, this actually beats some of the more expensive sports camera out there which only can hold under water for less than an hour on full charge


This has a real-time display so you can see whatever you’re currently taking a video on – this is one of my favourite feature because if you look at some of the older sports camera, they don’t have this

So it’s a little disappointing sometimes to spend hours under water and only coming up and realise that you haven’t really taken the exact angles you want to… 

Lastly, Tactical USA Is standing behind their product with a 1-year warranty. 

In any event of product malfunction, they have you covered.

Here are a few amazing features… that we’ve tested and love

Is this worth getting?

This is listed as a free offer on Tactical USA, but you still have to pay for the shipping which is below $20 for each sports camera.

Basically, the company is covering product cost, hoping that you will get to know more about their brand and eventually buy more stuff from them. That’s how it works usually, in case you are wondering.

No, it is not a scam. This is a common practice in the industry. Instead of spending more money on endless advertisements, brands like these simply do this instead to introduce you their products.

For its price-tag, we think that it is worth getting simply because this can pretty much do everything a go-pro does, probably just not to its full standards but then again, for most families or individuals getting this who just want to capture your moments, this will be good enough for most people. 





However, if you are not an active person – there is no need to get a sports camera because you will not really prefer to use it over your intuitive smart phones.  

If you are an outdoors person, adventure goer – this is a no brainer.

As always, if you are keen on this product and want to check it out – click here.

Otherwise, check out for more reviews done by our team!


Till then, stay safe,

Samuel, Chief Editor – DIY Hub Reviews

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