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Today’s Review – Telescopic Back Scratcher

What are we reviewing today?

Today, we are looking at something really cool that you didn’t know you needed. We are reviewing a telescopic back scratcher.

This is an accessory that you may think you don’t need but if ever you do have one, it is something that the whole family would appreciate having around.

What is this used for?

Essentially, it is for scratching one’s back. If you live alone or do not have someone around to help you scratch an itch on your back, well, this is the solution for that.

Who will need this?

Anyone can use it. From parents, to children, to older people, this is a great item to have around the house, the office, or even in the car. 

Since it is telescopic, it will also make it comfortable to reach the itch. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can also use this to scratch other parts of your body. 

Anyone looking for a great gift for their family, officemate, or buddies. They will come to appreciate the unique design of this back scratcher.

People who travel a lot will also find this to be a great addition to their luggage. It is lightweight and doesn’t take up space at all. It folds neatly away so you can store it to the side and it elongates up to 23 inches so that you can reach the right spot every time.

Seniors can also use this when they have an itch. With the reduction in flexibility and ability to reach their back, having one around will provide them with lasting comfort.

We know that some body-builders will have difficulty reaching their back. This will not just help them scratch certain portions of their back easily, but it would also be a great piece to talk about in the gym as well.

What we like best about this item...

This back scratcher is unique because of its cool design. Coupled with the stainless steel coating, you will use this for a long time. It is also durable so it won’t break easily. You can rely on countless hours of comfort from those hard-to-reach itchy spots.

We like that you can extend this to 23 inches and it stores to a small 8-inch size. This is ultra-portable and easy to carry anywhere. 

The handle has a cushion grip so it won’t slip out anytime you are using it.

Since it has a unique design, it will also look great on display. Anyone would be intrigued when they see this in your game room, living room, or in your bedroom. They would ask what it is and they would be blown away when you tell them.

Its scratching area is also not that sharp unlike some other back scratcher. It just has enough pointiness to scratch comfortably and not make you worry about getting wounded. The moderate feel is assuring that this product is really high-quality.

Is this worth getting?

A lot of people do not feel like they need a back scratcher and we get it. But looking at it objectively, a back scratcher will provide ease and comfort when you need it the most. 

Some people are more open than others and say that they can appreciate having something that’s designed to do one thing at hand when the need arises.

This back scratcher takes it to the next level by adding some flair to it. It is stainless, has telescopic functions, and has a rubber grip at the handle.

But most importantly, it does what it’s supposed to do and does it well.

This has certainly been interesting for us. If you find it helpful, please don’t hesitate to look at other reviews on our website.

If you’re keen on this product, click here.

Have a good day!


Stay safe,

Samuel, Chief Editor – DIY Hub Reviews

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